Sunday, June 16, 2013

AMY FALLS DOWN by Jincy Willett

After a slow start I really found myself enjoying the witty (though very dry) humor in this book.  Amy grows on you as you discover more of her character and background.  I especially enjoyed the names of the chapters, trying to see if I could find the relationship as I read.  Another part I liked was the “topics” Amy lists as story ideas/titles. They give another clue to Amy’s persona.  Amy’s students are delightful, clearly and carefully drawn.
While the entire book is a put down of pretentious authors, it is also the story of a very human woman who has great sorrows to surmount. As is true with all good humor, there is also tragedy to provide contrast.  Willett deals well with both. (spoiler alert – Maxine’s recovery is the one deviation from  realistic outcomes in an otherwise well-paced and plotted tale.)
Anyone who enjoys a “good read” and, equally, a “bad read,” will enjoy this writer’s delight.  If you are a potential novelist, there is much food for thought. 
Book groups will have a field day with a variety of topics – truth vs fiction, honest criticism, how you see yourself as opposed to how others see you, marriage of convenience, dealing with rude/stupid/ignorant people (and being rude/stupid/ignorant yourself), personal growth and change, phobias and others.

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