Thursday, August 8, 2013

UNDONE by Laura Sumner Truax

UNDONE   by Laura Sumner Truax
If you are not fortunate enough to live near Chicago so you can hear her in person, then read this book.  Truax has a preaching gift which is clearly evident in UNDONE.  She tells her story, but also gives the reader the support for listening to their own story.  With Biblical underpinning, Truax writes of forgiveness, grace, honesty, trust and community.  You will hear Laura’s voice, but more importantly, you will hear God’s welcoming and reassuring voice.
UNDONE is eminently readable and can be read and appreciated quickly, but this is a book you will want to keep nearby to refer to often.  Laura lays bare her own life giving the reader the gift of looking honestly at their own life.  She writes of the freedom and opportunity being vulnerable to God affords.  Her illustrations show the hope that vulnerability opens to each person.
(Full disclosure: I am a member of Laura’s congregation and am blessed because of it.) 

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