Saturday, February 15, 2014

ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card

ENDER”S GAME   by Orson Scott Card
This young adult book has been out for some time, but I had never read it before.  The premise is a child (Ender, age 6) is a genius at war games on the computer and the adults will use him to win a war against the “buggers.” It will soon be a major motion picture.  I felt that the story could have been told as a Western or other genre as easily as Sci-fi.  The battle scenes were exciting while the psychological scenes were boring and mercifully brief.  The book was interesting as a war/battle story but I was disappointed as I was looking for a classic, memorable tale. 
Ender is a fully developed character and the reader is allowed to see how his mind is developed and manipulated as the story proceeds and Ender ages from 6 to 15 years or so.  The brother and sister are less well developed, the brother only seen through the eyes (mind) of Ender and the sister.  Several adult characters also appear in one dimensional form. They serve to guide (or manipulate) Ender through the intricacies of the “game” meant to train him for the coming war.
The end will not be a surprise to the adult reader.  Book groups will want to discuss the psychology and manipulation of children. Morality and violence may also be topics as well as fear of others different from the norm.
3 of 5 stars.

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