Saturday, October 18, 2014


A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS   by Sandra Dallas
This is a lovely story by a favorite author.  Placed in Civil War Kansas the story follows a young wife is left behind as her husband goes off to fight for the Union. Eliza carefully makes a quilt to ease his bones and keep him warm and sends it off to him with another soldier as a Christmas gift. 
Eliza and her two children soon find themselves challenged, first by a Confederate widow and child and then by an escaped slave.  Keeping the farm producing is another challenge.  Discovering what has happened to the lovingly made quilt is a prime element of a story that contains heartbreak, danger, suspicion, wickedness, love, cooperation and redemption.
The characters are true to life, the situations and conversations realistic.  Dallas fans will discover that some of the characters are the grand parents of the characters in THE PERSIAN PICKLE CLUB.
5 of 5 stars

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