Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Good Dream by Donna Vanliere

THE GOOD DREAM    by Donna Van Liere
This was a quick read that held my attention to the end.    The story has two problems that occur to me. Although the action takes place only over a summer, the relationships that developed would likely take much longer to develop in “real life.”  Also, the boy’s disability (cleft palate) is unrealistically presented.
Setting aside the believability factor, the tale is well told, the characters are well developed and the place and time of the story are realistic and well described. The conversation and actions of the characters are correct for the time and place. 
Van Liere is described as a “Christian” writer but this tale is only briefly and peripherally “Christian”, rather the people and actions are those of well-meaning and moral people of any, or no, faith. I was pleased that not all the situations and persons get a happy ending in this charming tale of life in small town 1950’s era Tennessee.
3 ½ stars of 5

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