Monday, March 9, 2015


FEBRUARY FEVER  by Jess Lourey
If you like trains and cozy murder, you will like February Fever.  Mira, the heroine of the story is a librarian with a problem – murder follows her.  Every month another dead body is discovered and Mira helps solve the mystery.  February finds Mira, her co-worker Mrs. Berns and snowboarder friend Jed on a Single-Mingle Valentine’s Day Train chugging to Portland. 
Comedy ensues as the travelers explore the train and engage with other passengers. The train gets stuck in a snow storm and a murder victim is discovered.  The plot may be familiar, but the execution is well done.  Mrs. Berns ranges from quirky to somewhat annoying, but the other characters are fun to have around.  You will enjoy the ride, learn a bit about train travel in the modern era and solve the murder along with Mira and a cast of red herrings.
3 of 5 stars.  Enjoyable, but not great literature. The seventh book in the series.

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