Friday, April 24, 2015

UNTIL THE HARVEST by Sarah Loudin Thomas

UNTIL THE HARVEST  by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Henry is an immature twit. Margaret is a mature, responsible young adult. Mayfair is a sickly teen who may also be a healer. How these three ultimately get together and grow to form a family is the premise for UNTIL THE HARVEST.  Returning to the Appalachian area she explored in MIRACLE IN A DRY SEASON with some of the same characters in new roles, Thomas has written a charming romance.  This not great literature, but it is a thoughtful exploration of the meaning of family and the power of family (and love) to elicit change in a person.
Readers who like an exploration of a simpler life without the pulls of modernity will like this book. The hardships and joys of farm life are revealed as the characters go about living.  Several characters make significant personality changes during the relatively short span of the book. A willingness to overlook this shortcoming will give the reader an enjoyable read. The book is “Christian” in that the characters make reference to their faith, but it is not a religious harangue.  Book groups will find many topics for discussion.
4 of 5 stars

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  1. I get such a kick out of your to-the-point reviews! Thanks for giving potential readers the low-down on my books.