Thursday, July 2, 2015


THE MIDWIFE’S TALE: At Home in Trinity #1    by Delia Parr
If you love family stories with interesting characters and a moral, you will love THE MIDWIFE’S TALE.  Martha, the midwife of the title, is searching for her runaway daughter and dealing with the new doctor in town who doesn’t think much of midwives.  A charismatic “minister” has brought seven orphaned New York City boys to town to reform them. An old friend of Martha’s is no longer a friend.  An old love interest is now widowed and interested - perhaps. And there are the babes to be born, friends to tend to and the town of Trinity -- itself a character in the tale.
The plots move along quickly, the characters are believable, the idiosyncrasies of the era are used effectively and the somewhat archaic words are clear from context.  My one quibble with the author is the use of action words that occasionally do not fit the actual action, for instance on page 226, Martha “ventures” down a hall in a house she knows quite well. There were others that caused me to stop and reread passages and lose the momentum of the story: a minor thing but one that caused me to notice the writing rather than the story.
A good story that will please readers who desire a Christian story with no overt sex, no violence and clean language.
4 of 5 stars

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