Monday, August 31, 2015

LONG UPON THE LAND by Margaret Maron

LONG UPON THE LAND   by Margaret Maron
This last Deborah Knott book ties up some loss ends from other books in the series and tells us the love story of Deborah’s parents.  And, of course, being a Margaret Maron mystery, the present day murder has ties to the past.  Told in alternating chapters of the 1950’s love story and the present day murder, Maron succeeds in telling two interesting tales in one book.  I am sad to see Deborah’s story end.  I have grown to care for the family members who inhabit these tales.  The land is also an important player.
If you like Maron’s previous books, this one will be satisfying. If you are a new reader, this one will inspire you to search out the others starting with THE BOOTLEGGER”S DAUGHTER. Maron writes tightly plotted mysteries that also have breadth of character and place. This one is no exception.
5 of 5 stars

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