Tuesday, December 29, 2015


What a fun book!  Miss Buncle is a spinster of a certain age in a small village in England during the 1930’s.  When she discovers that the world wide depression has caused a serious depletion of her income she decides the only thing to do is write a book.  As she admits, she knows nothing about writing a book so she simply describes her fellow village citizens. Miss Buncle, it turns out, has a devastating way of showing her neighbors in all their foibles and, since nothing much happens in the village, she applies a bit of magic and writes their futures as well. She has villagers marry, run away, confess, and expose their worst fears.  A visiting grandchild and a publisher provide clear eyes.
Miss Buncle, fortunately, has used a non de plume. Mayhem ensues when the book is a bestseller and the village realizes THEY are the characters in the book. A humorous and gentle book that will delight and entrance.
4 of 5 stars

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