Tuesday, April 11, 2017

LOVE LET GO by Laura S Truax and Amalya Campbell

LOVE LET GO by Laura S. Truax & Amalya Campbell

In September of 2014 four churches in Chicago received a windfall -- almost two million dollars each!  One of those churches was LaSalle Street Church. With just 350 members and a budget $50,000 in the red, this was a miracle. But what happened next was REALLY a miracle. Each member was given a check for $500 made out to them personally and told to “go do good”.  The $160,000 represented a “tithe” or ten percent of the 1.6 million the church received.  How the remainder was to be used was collectively decided in a year long process.
LOVE LET GO tells the result of that step in faith and how the church as a body, and each member individually, reacted to the windfall.  Told in clear prose the stories of what happened to the cash and what happened to the recipients of such generosity are startling in their counter intuitiveness.
Well written and touching without being maudlin, the book will affect you long after you finish reading. Some takeaways – the “poor” are as, or more, generous than their “wealthy” neighbors, generosity breeds more generosity, people are surprising, sudden “wealth” is disconcerting, abundance is in the eye of the beholder,…..

5 of 5 stars

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