Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE GIRL WITH NO NAME by Diney Costeloe

THE GIRL WITH NO NAME   by Diney Costeloe
Although this book was too long (486 pages), the tale of a Jewish girl sent to England during the Kinder Transport of WWII who loses her memory because of injuries received during the Blitz and spends many months as a “lost child,” is interesting for its portrayal of life in England during the war. Charlotte spends time in London and in a rural area of England.  The differences in quality of life are astounding.  The Blitz was terrifying.  Life in the rural areas was more peaceful, but many hardships were endured.
The side tale of Harry is extraneous and interrupts Charlotte’s more interesting plot.  If you are interested in British life you will like this book.  If you like fast moving plots, skip this one. 

3 of 5 stars 

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