Saturday, December 23, 2017

ECHOES OF THE FALL by Richard Weaver

ECHOES OF THE FALL  by Richard Weaver
After a somewhat slow start this novel of the Viet Nam War is tense, dramatic, honest, searing, and a really good read.  Written by one who has been there, the story deals with an idealistic young man dropped into the hellhole that was Viet Nam.  Filled with believable characters and dramatic portrayals of life in the jungle, Lt. Billy Straw’s story manages to be filled with faith, abject failure, stirring heroism, tyrannical bullies, blind obedience, betrayal, innocent love, pettiness, terrifying combat and, finally, friendship and courage.
Anyone who lived through or is interested in the Viet Nam era will find this book presents the conflict in the voice of the young officers and enlisted who struggled with the morality of war.  The plot starts slowly and builds in an ever increasing tempo as the plot reaches its resolution.  Book groups will find a plethora of discussion topics.

5 of 5 stars

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