Wednesday, January 17, 2018

AS YOU WISH by Chelsea Sedoti

AS YOU WISH  by Chelsea Sedoti
This teen book asks a lot of heavy questions in a very engaging way. Although the main character is at times a twit, teens will readily identify with him. 
In the desert city of Madison, Nevada, each person upon reaching their 18th birthday , enters the “wishing cave” and makes a wish. Think carefully and pronounce your wish correctly because it will come true just as you speak it.  Some ask for money, some love, some a long time desire, but they all come true.
Eldon’s birthday is quickly approaching. What will he ask for? What would YOU ask for? How will it affect the rest of your life?
Tragedy, morality, selfishness, altruism and more are touched on as Eldon’s Wish Day comes ever closer. Friendship, family, love, despair, happiness, contentment are topics easily discussed after reading this charmingly written book.  Adults will appreciate the questions and wonder about their answers as well.

4 of 5 stars

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