Tuesday, January 29, 2019


The FLATSHARE by Beth O’Leary
The book started out as a ditsy sex filled romance. By page 25 I could hardly wait to get to page 50 (my self-imposed cutoff) so I could abandon it and read something worthwhile or just entertaining. And then…. It turned into an intelligent exploration of boy-friend emotional abuse.   Yes, the main character was still a bit of a ditz, but she made sense.  Her flatmate, a slightly repressed male nurse, and her friends started to sound sensible, although still somewhat sex-obsessed.
The characters were unique and well-developed. The story was interesting and full of realistic situations and common sense. Her controlling ex-boyfriend did all of the horrid things controlling ex-boyfriends do.  Her friends were supportive and intelligent.   Even the comic character, Kathrin, was authentic and original.
Altogether, a very nicely done romance with both heart and intelligence.
4 of 5 stars (for a trashy beginning)

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