Sunday, November 3, 2019

Shot through the Hearth by Kate Carlisle

When a multimillionaire throws a conference in a small town, attendees start dying.  If you can overlook a “small town” with hotel accommodations for over a thousand people, a well-planned conference with no apparent security, a police force that chooses to stop for a steak dinner instead of investigating the second murder at said conference, and a number of other improbable incidents, this is a pretty good mystery.
Those murdered aren’t very likeable, the main characters are likeable and red herrings abound in this cozy mystery by a well known author. The characters are well developed, the plot is interesting and intricate, and writing is more than adequate.
A fast, easy read for a lazy afternoon.  Carlisle fans will like this outing in the “fixer-upper series.
4 of 5 stars

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