Thursday, July 10, 2014

BONES NEVER LIE by Kathy Reichs

BONES NEVER LIE  by  Kathy Reichs
Temperance Brennan is a woman determined to avenge the young girls who are being murdered in Charlotte.  When she learned these murders may be connected to “cold cases” where she was never to bring the perpetrator to justice, she is even more determined.  When Detective Ryan shows up as well, things begin to be very interesting.
This is Reichs at her best. She weaves people and plot carefully together and brings the conclusion as just the right point in the story.  There is enough monstrous cruelty here for the most blood thirsty and enough science for technical in this tale of psychology and murder solved with wit and dogged police work.
BONES NEVER LIE is part of the written series, but can be read without knowing the back story.  Those who only know Temperance through television will not recognize the characters but will recognize good writing and detection.
5 of 5 stars

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