Thursday, July 24, 2014

THE ARSONIST by Sue Miller

THE ARSONIST  by Sue Miller
I enjoyed this very well written book until I got to the end. Then I felt cheated.  Where was the conclusion? What happened?  Who was guilty? Who died? Who loved?
Frankie and Bud were clearly drawn, likeable characters.  Frankie’s life in Africa was detailed enough to make her believable if unknown and unknowable.  Bud was always known and knowable.  Sylvia and Alfie were good foils for Frankie and Bud. 
The fires seemed peripheral to the story, unnecessary even. 
Did I like this book? While I was reading it – unequivocally yes!  Did I like it once I finished the book – not so much.  The last 10 pages seemed like a cop out – I don’t know what to do with these characters and their story, so I’ll just end it.  Very unsatisfying.
1 of 5 stars

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