Saturday, February 14, 2015

THE WELL by Catherine Chanter

THE WELL   by Catherine Chanter
THE WELL is several buckets of water too long.  The first 200 pages of the book were boring.  The last 100 were fast paced and absorbing.  The question   Are the last 100 pages worth the first 200?  If you like many pages of psychological wanderings to get to the real story then – Yes, you will like this book. If you just want your mystery to get to the point with logic, this book will drive you crazy.  The identity of the murderer was never really in doubt. 
The characters were unknowable until near the end of the book so a connection with the characters was difficult.  The one “knowable” person was Lucien.  The sub plot of drought was the link that held everything together, unfortunately, the drought was known only through inference.  A reasonable explanation of why the drought was everywhere except at the well was never addressed.  That leaves one with magic, psychology and an unsatisfying read.
3 of 5 stars for good writing but a plodding plot.

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