Wednesday, October 7, 2015

THE LAST MIDWIFE by Sandra Dallas

THE LAST MIDWIFE   by Sandra Dallas
WOW! What an ending.  Sandra Dallas, who is a genius with characters, has written a fascinating tale of a good woman accused of killing an innocent babe.  Secrets abound in the vicinity of Gracy, the last midwife. Gracy, her husband Daniel who wanders each year looking for a gold strike and son Jeff who has left his home under strange unexplained circumstances are the main characters in this tightly plotted mystery.  The mining town of Tenmile, a desolate outpost in the mountains, and its inhabitants are the supporting cast.
Gracy, accused of murder, staunchly refuses to tell the secrets she is privy to during the labor and delivery of babies when women are at their most vulnerable.  Yet there are untold secrets surrounding Gracy and Daniel and Jeff that are only hinted as the tale unfolds.
The hardships and joys of a hardscrabble life in the late 1880’s are clearly stated with no apology and no sense of the desperation that poverty can elicit. These are people who face life with clear eyes and a sense of faith in themselves, their community and their God.   Dallas is a sympathetic writer who understands the people, the place and time and is well able to bring them to life.
5 of 5 stars

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