Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LONE WOLF by Jodi Picoult

LONE WOLF by Jodi Picoult
4 stars
 Join a wolf pack? -- Not Me!
Animals lovers will find Jodi Picoult  has written an informative and interesting novel that follows a family enmeshed in the lives of Wolves. The father/husband becomes so obsessed by wolves that Luke leaves his human family behind in order to join a wolf pack as its second in command. The experiences he has with his wolf family are riveting.
An intertwining plot involves his human family who must decide what action to take (or not take) when he is gravely injured in an automobile accident during a visit with his humans. His son wants to “pull the plug,” while his daughter, who is more sympathetic to his drive to be a wolf pack member, is torn.
As usual Picoult has done her research. The lives and actions of the wolf family are presented with understanding and sympathy as are the human lives. The dilemmas posed by both “families” are clearly stated.

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