Friday, March 29, 2013


LOVE BLOOMS IN WINTER    by Lori Copeland
If you are looking for a somewhat interesting book to occupy an afternoon, this is for you.  Copeland is a best-selling author in the Christian romance field and a sweet romance is what you will get. By the second or third page you will know who are the "bad" guys and who are the "good" guys and you will know how it turns out in the end.  Getting there is the fun part. Mae, the object of the romance, is a long suffering small town postmistress raising her orphaned, brain-damaged brother. The impediments to the romance are a dotty neighbor, a pack of wild dogs, a train derailment, another train derailment, a snow storm, the little brother, a mother-smothered preacher and indecision on the part of the heroine.  The "good" guy is unbelievably good and the "bad" guy isn't very bad - mostly because Copeland keeps changing his personality! On one page he is a selfish, churlish, intolerant, chauvinistic bully and on the next page is a misunderstood, smart, savvy and deserving lawyer.

The writing is pedestrian, the characters are cliches, the Christianity is mostly platitudes and the plot is familiar.  If this is your cup of tea, you will love it. Otherwise, skip it for a better written, better plotted story.

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