Friday, October 27, 2017


THE PLAYER KING  by Avi (Edward Wortis)
Can a scullery boy become King of all England?  In 1486, Lambert Simnel is proclaimed Edward, Earl of Warwick and rightful king of England.  This young adult book tells his tale.  Written from a young boy’s point of view, the story is exciting and well told.  Henry Tudor has seized the throne from his young nephew. Was Edward killed or was he allowed to escape and become a scullery boy?  What of those who “taught or reminded” Lambert/Edward of all he needed to know?

Boys will love this tale of intrigue and power, fear and hope.  Girls will also like this tale of poverty to great riches.  Adults who like their history in tiny gulps, told with great skill, will also find this short novelization to their liking.   The story is true: the fear, and joy, and intrigue is also real. 

Avi has won the Newbery Medal, the Yarrow Award and the Golden Kite.

5 of 5 stars for the genre

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