Wednesday, October 30, 2019

THE GUARDIANS by John Grisham

THE GUARDIANS   by John Grisham
Quincy has been rotting in prison for years convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.  Cullen Post, a minister and a lawyer, along with the rest of the Guardians agree to help him. Who are the bad guys? They are really bad, well protected. and have no compunction against killing a minister, a lawyer, a prisoner, or anyone else who gets in their way.
Grisham, a master of the crime field, has another winner in THE GUARDIANS.  The clever plot is convoluted enough to keep you guessing, but not enough to discourage you as you race to discover the bad guys. 
As usual with a Grisham novel, few “bad words”, few sex scenes, the violence takes place off page, but the twists and turns, riveting plot, fully developed characters and excellent writing are all there.
5 of 5 stars

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